Points to consider when you decide to attend classes.

Your baby will probably be at least 6 weeks old, but not yet crawling.

If your baby has had a vaccination within the last 24 hrs he will have head, hands and feet massaged, but not the rest of his body.

Try to arrange it so that your baby is not starving hungry nor very full when you begin to massage  - just content !

Give your baby some time lying on his front, several times a day, for as long as he is happy. This will help his digestion, strengthen his neck and back, and allow his skull to develop normally.

Stroke the whole of your baby’s body as often as you can, and massage gently clockwise round his navel each time you change his nappy. This will help his digestion.

Coming to classes

Wear comfortable clothes. When you begin to massage, the room will be very warm and you will be sitting on the floor, without shoes, and you might need to pick up an oily baby!

Make sure that your nails are not too long, and that you are not wearing any jewellery that might scratch your baby.

Please make sure that your mobile phone is switched off during the class as this is a special, uninterrupted time for you and your baby.

Please bring with you a padded changing mat, 2 towels, a muslin and the usual change of clothes and nappies.

Grapeseed oil or almond oil is recommended for massaging. (see "use of oils")

Your baby will probably like a drink after his massage.


(but maybe not quite like this !!)


Have your Baby in the Palm of Your Hand