Class Content

A course consists of 4 classes for 4 to 7 babies per course.  When you have completed a course, there is the option to continue for another 4 classes, and so on until your baby is crawling. Once he is crawling he is more interested in going to meet the other babies than staying still for a massage, life becomes so exciting for him when he can move !!  This does not mean the end of massage, you can still catch him at home !

Each class lasts an hour and includes

A few easy exercises for the adults, often yoga based stretches. ( be sure to wear suitably stretchy clothes !) These exercises are not compulsory, you are welcome to sit them out.

Yoga exercises with the babies.

A massage session for the babies, including some yoga.

A relaxation time at the end of the class. During this time the babies are often having their drink.

Each class adds another exercise, different yoga movements, and additional massage strokes.

On a Saturday at the end of each course there is an optional class for men, see the  "classes for men" page.  This class lasts an hour and costs 10, paid on the day.

Have your Baby in the Palm of Your Hand