Baby Massage and Baby Yoga.

Baby Massage is an extension of a parentís natural instinct to stroke their baby. It gives parents great confidence in handling their baby and encourages the development of a close bond. 

Baby Massage can heal, stimulate, invigorate and relax a baby. It promotes better circulation, improved digestion, easier breathing, and emotional security. It stimulates the immune system, improves muscular development and co-ordination, helps to retain flexibility, and can improve the texture of the skin.

Baby Massage is the most immediate form of pain relief - -to "rub it better"† has true meaning. It is good for relaxing a baby and can help to encourage better sleep patterns. It can help specific problems, such as colic, constipation, colds, and teething. It helps the development of premature babies and babies with special needs.

The added element of Baby Yoga further enhances relaxation and flexibility. Gentle stretching exercises and relaxed holding bring the baby to an increased awareness of his body and the possibilities of movement.

Have fun with your baby!

Have your Baby in the Palm of Your Hand